Seasoned Firewood

We sell firewood year round!  All of our firewood is seasoned hardwood from the Troy, MO area.  Cuts include White Oak, Black Oak, Red Oak, Hickory and Walnut.  Our wood is sold in cords and increments of cords.  So, what is a cord? A cord is a measurement of wood that when neatly stacked and rowed equals 128 cubic feet. This stack measures 4 feet tall by 4 feet deep by 8 feet long or its equivalent (which means stack it neatly any way you like as long as it equals 128 cubic feet).  We don't criss cross our wood when we stack, we stack neat and tight all in the same direction, giving you the most wood for your money.  We cut our wood to fit in fireplaces and find that 16" lengths work best.  So a full cord is stacked as 4 feet high, 8 feet long and 3, 16 inch logs deep. Seasoned or dry firewood has many benefits over green or freshly cut firewood. Dry wood greatly reduces the potential of insect pest nuisances, is easier to light, and reduces creosote build-up in chimneys.  Burning wood also saves money on winter heating rule of thumb, a two-ton cord of hardwood yields about the same usable heat as 200 gallons of heating oil, a ton of hard coal, 26,800 cubic feet of natural gas or about 4000 kilowatts of electricity.  

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Offering delivery to St. Charles County
(Delivery outside these areas available for an additional charge, click for out of area delivery fees)


Below is a diagram of the most commonly purchased firewood amounts:               

Full Cord

1/3 Cord

Three rows of 16" logs measuring 4' high, 4' deep & 8' long

One row of 16" logs measuring 4' high, 16" deep & 8' long

Stacked in one row it would be 4' high, 16" deep & 24' long

Sometimes referred to as a face cord, a rank, a rack or a rick


Seasoned Hardwood Firewood Prices

Amount of Wood
H x L
Width = 16"


 Deilvered &
Stacked Wood

Additional Out of Area Charge
(each case is different
for out of area pricing chart)

 1/12 Cord
 $60  $65   $15+

 1/8 Cord




 1/6 Cord
 $120 $135   $15+

 1/4 Cord




 1/3 Cord




 1/2 Cord




 2/3 Cord




 3/4 Cord




1 Full Cord




*Do to the rising cost of labor and other business expenses, we had to increase prices for this year. We will continue to deliver what we believe is the best product in the area. West County is now in the $25 delivery zone.  All other areas have not changed.  All listed delivery prices are for the following zip codes: 63301, 63302, 63303, 63304, 63338, 63366, 63367, 63368, 63376, 63385, 63348, 63341 in St. Charles County and  now delivering to 63347, 63362, 63379, 63369, 63389 in Southern Lincoln County and 63390 in Warren County for no additional charge.  For areas outside of these zip codes, click here for delivery charges.


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"We are so glad we 'found' you last year! You delivered our firewood about a week ago and it burns so nicely. Thanks again!!"
-Lynn Phillips of Chesterfield

"Just wanted to tell you, the firewood I ordered from you earlier in the season is the best quality I've had."   -Peter Edwards of Chesterfield

"Hi Ric, Thanks for delivering on your promise of great wood. This is the second year we've ordered from you and the wood burns great. We're also impressed with the extras you provide; kindling bundle, stacking and great customer service. Thanks again,"
-Anne and Bill Jennings of O'fallon

"There was a serious ice storm to come the same night I called them. They had the wood delivered that afternoon. Good wood, great price and prompt service."
-Tonya Edmond of University City

"We purchased a 1/3 cord of wood in Nov. and we just want you to know it’s the best firewood we have ever purchased. No more having to add more newspaper and relight 3 times. It catches immediately and burns so nicely. Thanks for having a quality product that is really great. We feel like we practically have a gas fire place, it’s so easy to make a fire with your firewood. We’ll be calling you again when we need more and will recommend you to others needing it. Thank you!"
-George and Linda of Ballwin

"This load of firewood is wonderful! It goes up in flames real fast and it is real nice. Thanks for a great season of yard maintenance that you have provided me."
-Richard Ivy of O'fallon

"Ric, Kathy and I just got home and wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the great work and stacking of the firewood that you were able to do. We realize it was a tight space ...a great deal of firewood...but you did a fantastic job of working it all in...and made it look "attractive" in its own way. Again, we wish to say "Thank you" and we wish you and yours a wonderful and safe Christmas."
-Ray & Kathy Kerlagon of Ballwin

"Hi Ric, Thanks for the prompt delivery and great looking and especially clean firewood. Looking forward to doing (more) business with you."
-Frank Swartzwelder of St. Peters