Custom Firewood Racks

Our firewood racks are built to last.  These racks are made out of weather and rust proof PVC pipe.  Each rack is custom made by Ric Tomasi.  Racks are available in two sizes, 4'X4' and 4'X8'.  Racks can be left all white or painted any color you like.  Note racks left all white will not show any printing on the pvc pipe from the manufacturer, it is all carefully removed and washed off.  The racks and joints are glued together with durable pvc glue, AND then each joint is riveted together for EXTRA durability.  These high quality racks will keep your wood off the ground helping the wood to dry quicker after rain, eliminates termite infestations into your firewood, reduces ants, spiders, mice, and other pests from dwelling in your firewood stack, since the racks are made of PVC pipe they can't rust or rot, and the rack has an attractive design.  Prices include all taxes.  

Size of Rack Unpainted (White) Painted
4' High X 4' Long $165 $190
4' High X 8' Long $240 $280

Want a custom rack but live out of the area?  Want to build your own TCE style PVC firewood rack?  We are now offering step by step "Blue Prints" of our racks in PDF form.  We also include where to get the custom fittings (and part numbers) needed that are NOT found in local stores.   Order today for just $25!!!  To order send an email to: and let us know if you want the 4'x4' or 4'x8' Blue Prints.